Chris Jones  •  2 minute read

Let’s quickly clarify what we are talking about here - A Virtual Chief Technology Officer (CTO) provides the capabilities of a CTO such as the ability to ensure technologies are used efficiently, profitably and securely, without the full-time salary and expensive top-of-the-line laptop.

So, in practice, how can this help? A Virtual CTO can provide clarity with go-to technology consulting services to ensure you are making good technology decisions that align with your business objectives. Here are some benefits to making good technology decisions:

Know your landscape

Like most businesses, growth comes via a mix of strategic, tactical and by the seat of your pants decision making. There may be clients, acquisitions or partners that impact your technology infrastructure. Conducting regular technology audits allows you to deal effectively with creaking legacy systems, attract quality candidates against the correct technologies and plan for the future.

User first decisions

Many businesses still ignore the importance of the user when it comes to selecting and implementing new technologies. Do this at your peril, as you will do is reduce the ability of your business to perform. Aligning your technology strategy with well defined business and customer objectives will increase productivity, allow you to outpace your competitors and deliver a higher return on your technology investments.

Happy business. Happy customers.

Regardless of the profession or sector, you work in; you will rely on technology to complete tasks. That could be guiding a team, promoting your business or selling to a customer. The calibre of the decision made when selecting a technology will impact the quality of your day, of your customers, and those you work alongside, manage or employ. Acknowledge the importance of technology and technology processes. Create a regular forum that allows you to make informed technology decisions - Do this and your business and customers will thank you.

See the opportunity.

Despite having an understanding of the importance of staying aware of new technologies, many businesses freeze or eye with suspicion the opportunity to exploit a new technology when one comes along. Stay ahead of new technologies. Businesses that keep an eye on technology trends and build opportunities into their strategies have a higher level of success than those that do not. 

Making good technology decisions is vital to your success. A Virtual CTO can improve your relationship with technology by helping you make better strategic and cost-effective technology decisions. Find out more about how a Virtual CTO can help you.