Fox Sports

It's on

In 2013, Mudo Media approached Interesting to work on the 'It's on' Facebook campaign for Fox Sports. Fox Sports wanted a system through which Facebook users could create an event, and invite their mates, to watch and support their sporting team.

Working closely with Fox Sports and Mudo Media, we developed a Facebook application that allows users to create an event - selecting the sport, venue and match.

Users are able to choose up to ten Facebook friends and match them to famous sporting personalities. They can also create a personalised invite for their friends that they can upload to their Facebook photo album.

We also created a "hub" page that allows friends to RSVP and engage in conversation via Facebook comments. A reminder SMS is sent to the event creator before an event, which reminds them to share and #hashtag relevant event photos. He or she then goes in the running to win a prize from Fox Sports.

We developed the application to be compatible with mobile, desktops and tablets.

Built with...

  • Facebook
  • Microsoft Azure