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Delivering an improved customer experience for potential Kaplan Business School students as they look to create their education journey.

At a glance

Kaplan Pathways helps students follow their path to leading universities across Australia. They pride themselves on their ability to ensure local and international students chosen pathway satisfies their academic needs and aspirations.

Kaplan had identified the need to use digital to help with student recruitment at the pre-arrival and orientation stages of the student journey. The previous approach had involved lengthy PDF based departure guides that quickly dated, these PDFs combined with static destination information that was neither personalised or tailored to students needs did little to excite potential students as to the possibilities of study with Kaplan.

Interesting partnered with Kaplan to improve the student experience by creating a new online pre-sales student website to help capture student data when appropriate, increase Kaplan's lead generation capability and lift conversion rates for the Kaplan student recruitment teams and agents.

How we helped

Interesting designed and built a new online experience that enables a prospective student to select their country of residence, then choose a combination of their preferred career outcome and Australian university to generate an interactive guide tailored to their needs dynamically.

The interactive guide provides a hyper-personalised online experience with career advice, comprehensive destination and university campus information. For international students, it also provided helpful information regarding VISAs, arriving in Australia and useful tips on how to set up a bank account or look for part-time work. The guide delivered via a URL unique to the student that can be saved for future use and shared with parental guardians, student advisor or anyone else assisting in their education decision-making.


  • Student journey maps
  • Experience Canvas Workshops
  • User Experience
  • Visual Design
  • Responsive Web Development
  • RSystem integration
  • Quality Assurance


The Kaplan pathways interactive guide is now providing potential students with the valuable information they need while researching their study options. It provides Kaplan recruitment teams and student agents with engaging and interactive content while interacting with prospective students and their parents assisting with the sales process.

Also, since launch, the interactive guide has been white-labelled by University of Adelaide and Murdoch Institute of Technology and is being used to support their student recruitment efforts.

Built with...

  • Wordpress Web Publishing
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Salesforce integration